Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MY favorite beauty tips from YOU

A few weeks back, I held a giveaway for a great at home beauty book called Babushka's Beauty Secrets. The mandatory entry was to leave your favorite quick beauty tip. I loved everyone's tips and wanted to share my top 5 favorites.

Thanks so much ladies! 

Here are my favorite beauty tips from YOU:

"Beauty tip...beauty tip, I got one. I almost always shave my legs with conditioner instead of shaving cream, this way when I get out of the shower after a shave my legs are already moisturized."  [Meg @ Through the Roses ]

"My beauty tip- wash your face in the morning and at night NO MATTER WHAT!!" [ Shonda @ The Knowlton Nest ]

"Tip: Put on makeup (such as foundation) from the bottom up. Don't pull skin down as it causes wrinkles sooner." [ Robyn @ Coolest Mommy ]

"my favorite tip - Vaseline on lips every night for nice soft lips" [ Carma @ Carma Sez ]

"I never leave home without at least mascara on, it just makes such a difference! Only takes a minute to apply & really brightens your face. I love the blackest black :)" [ Ginny @ Hey Gin ]

Thanks again! Everyones tips were great! I love learning new things, share your favorite tips in the comments!


Ella said...

I never would have thought of the conditioner one! lol

I have one - when brushing your teeth, brush your lips with the toothbrush really quick. Makes them smooth! :)

CJ said...

For an inexpensive foot scrub - sugar & vaseline. Soak your feet first. Then soap up, add sugar and get to scrubbing. After you rinse and dry, apply your vaseline generously and put on socks. Or you can mix the vaseline and sugar together and do it in one step.


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samsstuff said...

Interesting tips! I have to agree with the one about putting on makeup from the bottom of your face up. The less you pull on your skin, the better off you'll be, when it comes to wrinkles!

Stopping by from the LBS tea party to say hi!

TIGHTWAD said...

Vaseline is the best! Makeup remover too!Dropping by from LBS...

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