Friday, November 5, 2010

Yummy Fun: Smart and Final Wine/Cheese Party! #SFSmarties

Smart and Final is a great one-stop shop for anytime you're entertaining. Their website is also filled with great tip, tools, recipes and information to make any party a success!

Smart and Final's First Street brand cheese was featured with complementary wines (as selected via the wine serving guide on the SF website). It was a great experience both hosting the party as well as getting ready for it!

I do shop at Smart and Final for my family, but I generally only get specific things and avoid the aisles I don't need (hmmm..strategic shopping?) but this time shopping for the party I went through the whole store and found great deals on party supplies and decorations! *Who'd-a-Thunk?*  

Anyhow it was a crazy day and a fun time. Thanks Smart and Final! [#SFSmarties shout out!]

Here's the story:

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It was originally intended to have a couple of the other local businesses stop by, but as it turns out those we invited weren't able to make it so we had a Girl's Night! After a long day and a staff/training meeting, we sat down and had some fun together.

Even though my camera died and I was disappointed that I couldn't take pictures, the party was definitely a success. My co-workers and I are truly like family. We are 9 women who've worked together everyday, some for the past 5 years or more. Lately we have all been so busy, it was nice to have time together and just chat.

We sat around and talked about how our lives are going outside of work and shared silly stories and lighthearted conversation. It was a wonderful night and I know we're all thankful for the experience.