Sunday, April 25, 2010

Workplace Makeup (Top 5)

Don't Over Do It!
At the risk of looking like 'Mimi', it's important to keep workplace makeup light! Wearing too much makeup during the day is generally a 'faux-pas', but especially in the workplace you want to maintain a clean & fresh look that is easily maintained throughout your day!
#1- Your Canvas
Make sure you follow a daily cleansing and moisturizing routine! It is important to keep your skin cleansed, ex foliated and above all moisturized!

#2- Prime
Always prep your face for concealer and foundation (if you use them) with a primer. Depending on your skin type, below are a few of my personal favorites.

#3- Facing The Basics
If you're like me, you use concealer & foundation to even out your skin.

For those of you blessed with perfect skin...(grrrrr) skip along to eyes ;)

*Concealer- make sure you pick a color that is slightly darker than your foundation! This is important because if you pick a shade that is too light, you may not get the coverage you need and it may not blend well. Also, if your shades match exactly your dark circles will still look dark! By getting a slightly darker shade, you can blend your foundation in more evenly. You can also buy undereye concealer in a yellow shade (as opposed to a flesh tone), or with yellow undertones, because yellow covers the purplish hue of some under eye circles.

*Foundation- Keep it light! Don't 'cake' it on during the's how to get the coverage you want without going overboard!

The #1 rule to good skin care and makeup is knowing your skin type!

People with oily skin should use powdered foundations. Whether loose or pressed, the powder absorbs the oils from your skin whereas liquid foundation sits on the skin & tends to clog the pores of people with oily skin. When applying powder foundation, use a large kabuki-type brush and apply in large, upward, circular motions lightly all over your face. The great thing about powder foundation is that you can build up coverage evenly by applying light 'layers'. Be sure you blend well!

For normal, dry & combination skin, if liquid foundation gives you the coverage you want by all means continue to use it! I recommend that you apply liquid foundation with a foundation brush rather than a sponge. In general, (if you wash them regularly) brushes are more hygienic than sponges & using a foundation brush allows you to 'paint your perfect face'! The coverage is flawless, and once you've applied it with the brush you can go over it with a sponge to blend and then a large kabuki-type brush! Make sure you change your sponges regularly!

#4- Get Cheeky!

Remembering to keep it simple, finding a daytime blush can be tough. Be sure you find a color that is light and complementary to your skin undertone.

Bright red cheeks won't cut it at the workplace!

As always, using a large brush with powder blush is excellent because it allows you more 'freedom' to blend! Apply it with large, upward, round strokes from the apples of your cheeks to the outer corner of your eye. And then....blend!

#5-The Eyes Have It!

Keeping the eyes bright and beautiful is easy! I recommend you always use some sort of eyelid primer to get the longest and best looking wear from your eyeshadow! Stay with light neutral colors and maybe be daring with a smoky eye! You can do the smoky eye in a brown or purple so that it's less dramatic.

What are your favorite workplace beauty tips??


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Great tips, I totally agree, although not a fan of makeup myself (afraid it will give me bad skin and wrinkles).

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