Saturday, July 3, 2010


Maybe it's just me, but I told myself I was going to be SUPERMOM when I was pregnant. I had this list of things I'd seen others do and told myself I wouldn't do them once my munchkin came along....YEAH RIGHT! I've learned over the past 3 years that certain things aren't up to me and I had to give in.

Here's my list...try to hold your laughter because I know it's ridiculous!

"I will never....."

1. let kids sleep in our bed. [FAIL] - Ha! This one started off well. The munchkin slept in his crib every night until he was about 6 months old & we moved back to California from Louisiana. We sold the crib because we couldn't bring it with us and then we took way too long to get him a new one once we were in California. Finally, we got him out of our bed at age 2 & he does well in his own room too! (Phew!)

2. let my kid watch TV. [FAIL] - Whaaat? My son is an extremely active kid, so 99.9% of the time I'm chasing him around or trying to figure out where he's wandered off to. He's never still and really wouldn't even pay attention to TV until he was over 2 years old. I can't deny it...I need a breather sometimes & he loves PBS kids, not to mention his adoration of Zoodles games online. Major kudos who keep their kids brains TV free!

3. buy my child loud toys. [FAIL] - My hubby's grandmother doomed this one from the start. She has this adorable collection of dancing and singing stuffed animals and dolls. ANY-WHO, whenever Benny would go to her house she'd bring them out & he really got a kick out of them so she bought him a little penguin that sang "Ice Ice Baby". (and that was just the start!) I'm convinced that my son is like genetically predisposed to love the loudest & most repetitive toys ever made!

4. go out with mismatched clothing. [FAIL] - Oh MAN! Not only have I let go of this insanely impossible ideal, but nowadays I don't even care whether he has clothes on at all! Maybe it's even better that way & they can stay clean a bit longer! LoL My son has also made it quite clear that when he's home he likes to be "in the nude, dude!"

5. use conventional diapers. [FAIL] - I was born in Brasil & we lived in S. America for the first 3 years of my life. My mom used cloth diapers on me and said it made potty training that much easier (I was fully potty trained at 14 months) I decided to do the same. I lasted about 6 months and then I just couldn't keep up with it and opted for Pampers. Maybe next time!

Can you identify with anything on my list? What are some things you said "I'd never..." about raising kids before having them? Share it in the comments! I loooove comments :)


AddMoreColor said...

haa haa i so totally relate to that..

I wasnt against tv...just not all day long..coz you would be surprised how the right programs can teach the child soo much.. and here its practical jus the 2 of us at home most of the day..before he started school, its not like he saw other people you know..

well i had a list of things I told myself I would never do...but none of us are Super Moms...we just shd be happy if the kid is happy, healthy fed and clean :p

Mommy Glow said...

I love this! I could sure come up with a list too! So funny how we make all these rules for ourselves and break them. Im working on the co-sleeping arrangement and dealing w/ lil miss cry baby cause she doesnt wanna sleep in her own bed! Great post!

Cassandra said...

lol I am the same way! No TV and no co-sleeping were some of the biggest things I said I would "NEVER" do when I was pregnant. But my daughter's fine and I think it's helped me prepare now that I'm expecting #2 I know better than to say I'll NEVER do anything!

Tree said...

I have done (and still do) all of the above! LOL Well, except for the diapers...mine are all out of them now. :)

Coming over from Bloggy Moms and following! Hope you'll stop by and visit me soon!

Tree (aka Mother of Pearl)
Mother of Pearl It Is

Ella said...

lol Every parent go against at least a few of the I-will-nevers within the first 4 years.

WinItMama said...

Wonderful article! I can completely relate to a lot of things on your list, lol. Sometimes things aren't as bad for our children as we think they may be. =D

WinItMama WINS!

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