Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"From the mouths of babes..."

The other day while getting ready for school, munchkin stepped on one of his toys and it took a big 'ol chunk out of the bottom of his foot.


He was wailing, so I cleaned the cut, put on a band-aid and we continued getting ready to go. Over the nest half our, munchkin took his band-aid of TWICE! I kept telling him to keep them on his foot because otherwise it wouldn't heal (and I was running low on band-aids).

At preschool that day he took off his band-aids 3 or 4 times and then when school was over he wasn't wearing one, so I put on another.

That evening at home, I replaced the band-aid 4 more times and each time told him "do NOT take this OFF!"

So...at night I usually lay with munchkin in his bed & we talk about our day. 

Here's how the convo went that night:

Mom: "Today was a good day, wasn't it hun?"

Munchkin: "Yeah mom but I hurt my foot."

Mom: "I know you did & that was unfortunate but we learned a lot from that experience! We learned that our toys need to be in their place so we don't step on them, and we learned that shoes protect our feet from things on the ground that can cut us."

Munchkin: "Yeah..."

Mom: "So what did we learn...?"

Munchkin: "Don't take your band-aid off!"

*Haha! I had to stifle my laughter*

Well at least one point stuck with him from that experience...right? ;)

Do you have any funny stories? Share them in the comments & I'll post them on my blog in a few weeks!