Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Best Beauty Buy of them ALL! [I love eyeshadow quads.]

This Fall it's all about beautifully bright colored lids! It's exciting that bright shadow is in because that means we get to experiment more with makeup! I'm a big fan of colorful makeup, but more than that I've realized my favorite thing in makeup is currently: the eye shadow quad.

The thing about the quad eyeshadow is it allows you to create a perfect look every time! You don't necessarily have to use all 4 colors each time, and no matter what you do the colors are complementary to one another so you can't really go wrong.

Almost every makeup brand makes an eyeshadow quad so they're easy to find and not expensive at all!

Here are a few of my favorites...I love the new colorful blue & purple quads for Fall.

What's your take on colorful eyeshadow? Do you usually stick to the smoky look? Do tell! I [heart] comments!