Friday, August 13, 2010

you can't believe EVERYTHING they say in movies...

*Hint: you really only need to watch the first 55 seconds of this video...then read my post below 

For some reason today a little experience from some years ago popped into my head and made me giggle to myself...I wanted to share & hopefully someone finds it as funny as I did.

Alright so,

It was a few years back that I watched this movie [Undercover Brother] with a group of my friends. I'm the only 'ethnic' one in the group (not that it's an issue but its part of the story). Any-who, I don't know what made us pick this movie but it is hilarious! We all laughed and had a good time & went home.

The next day I'm going to meet up with those same friends and on my way I get a phone call and it goes something like this:

(for the purposes of this let's call friend "A")

Me: "hello?"

A: "hey, I know you're on your way but I'm at Submarina do you want something?"

Me: "yeah sounds good, just get me a veggie sandwich on wheat bread...OH! and avocado please!"

A: "ok cool see you when you get here"

Me: "ok bye"

...about 30 seconds passes and the phone rings again...

Me: "hey"

A: "hey! ummm.......I just wanted to ask you want mayo on your sandwich?"

Me: (while in fits of laughter) "Haha! yes I do want mayo thank you."

A: "haha okay sorry I just wanted to make sure"

I love my YOU have a random funny story? SHARE in the COMMENTS!