Thursday, August 26, 2010

Going Back to School...finally!

Tuesday was my first day of school.

I'm going to our local community college, and to be honest...I've been so nervous!
I'm not really worried about the difficulty of the classes, or the people...I worry about myself and my ability to stick with this to the end.

I had started college, but I quit after finding out I was pregnant. After that, we moved so many times in the past 4 years that I couldn't get resident tuition rates anywhere! 

Now...I'm finally doing it!

Somewhere in between being a stay at home mom and becoming a working mom, I lost my mind. I'd forgotten the things that I used to do for me!

I never really liked school, but I love learning! I'm a geek....I have come to accept it and acknowledge the fact that I need this! I need to be in an environment where I'm learning and am able to challenge myself. 

Being 23 I realize I'm on the lower end of the age spectrum when it comes to a community college, but I feel  a lot 'older' than classmates my age.

I am older! Maybe not physically but life has made me older...I think about everything so differently than they do and it's evident even after a short conversation.

But the good thing is I'm setting reasonable goals! 

I spent a lot of my teenage years setting unreachable goals, failing (inevitably) and then wallowing in my failure & self pitty. 

..sad and ridiculous I know. 

Setting goals I can reach...and then reaching them is going to feel great! 

So...I pledge to YOU readers of my blog: I will do my absolute darnedest (including extra credit) not to get anything below a B- ever! ...that's reasonable right?

I'll post my grades in December for all to see :)

Words of encouragement are greatly appreciated!