Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Love the Gulf!

The issue of oil streaming into our water is something we should all be concerned about!

Just because we all may not live in the area, this affects us all equally.

My husband was born and raised in New Orleans and I had the pleasure of living there for a little over 2 years. We lived on what they call the 'West bank', the side of the city that lies east of the Mississippi river.

Living in New Orleans, I learned a lot about the city and the people who live there.

Most men work in at jobs related to import, export, fishing, construction and at Naval shipyards. Louisiana's state motto is "Sportsman's Paradise", but what now? That paradise is slipping away with each gallon spilled into the Gulf of Mexico.

I was listening to PBS radio in the car (as I often do), and they played audio clips of residents at a town hall meeting. One man stood up and said, "You might be able to replace my lost wages, but what about my heritage? What about me being able to teach my son to fish in the same waters I fished in as a young boy?" The crowd all mumbled in agreement.

And it's true, when we lived in New Orleans we spent many weekends fishing at Bayou Signet or travelling to Lafitte or discovering new places we could go & explore the outdoors.

On every body of water sit shrimping boats, and those boats and shrimp provide a way of life and an income for people and their families, not to mention the delicious shrimp & craw fish that make New Orleans cuisine so incredibly delicious!

The images of the BP oil spill are devastating and it makes me wonder how we will recover.

So many jobs, families, lives and businesses are affected.

And after all...our planet is about 70% water....how can we not be outraged?!

What can you do?

1. Write. Write how much you love the Gulf. Or about your memories of splashing on its shores as a child. Or maybe you need a place to vent your anger about what could happen. Or maybe you know a family whose livelihood is being deeply affected by this. Or maybe you have some breath-taking and beautiful pictures of the Gulf that must be shared. Bring it here, link it up, let’s collect our mutual love for the Gulf and make lots and lots of noise about it.
2. Post your link using the Mr. Linky widget at MorningsideMom.

3. Pick up a Love the Gulf badge to put in your post or on your blog.

4. Spread the word. Share the Gulf love. Tell folks to come join this carnival on twitter, facebook or in the coffee line at Dunkin Donuts. Whatever. Just tell people to come and write. All are welcome.

5. Consider donating, signing up to volunteer or sharing links about where you can help such as: Earthshare, Network for Good, Oxfam, Serve.gov or the Florida Audubon.

And finally, thank you. Thanks for directing your attention towards the Gulf. And thanks for recognizing the collective power of words.


Miel Abeille said...

This post captured the problem better than any newscaster has. It isn't just an environmental problem, the problem is about heritage and culture. Brilliant idea to use your voice to help!

Visiting from LBS, thanks for stopping by Miel et Lait. :)

Lynsey Jones, The Party Plan Coach said...

Hello from Pensacola Florida... you are so right. I grew up on the beaches of Florida and have been absolutely devastated by this. Not financially like so many, but emotionally. Every memory I have as a child includes sandy white beaches and emerald green water. I pray I live long enough to see the beauty again, but every day that goes by dampens my spirit more and more. Prayers every day.... for all of us.

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