Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fall 2010 ‘COLORful Series’ Eyeshadow Tutorial

Hello makeup addicts!
I’m finally doing my first eye makeup tutorial! I have been wanting to do this for quite a while and finally just jumped in!

Please let me know if I don’t describe things in an easily understandable manner.

This is the first of my Fall 2010 ‘COLORful Series’…since this Fall’s eye makeup trend is bold beautiful color!

Incorporating color to your daily eye makeup look doesn’t have to be overwhelming and I thought this look would be a great place to start. The looks in this series are all 'wearable' eye makeup looks! Some may be more appropriate for evening but none will be too overwhelming.

This tutorial (as well as the rest in this series) will be what’s known as “Use What You Have” tutorials. I will not be naming each product used, I will rather describe to you the color and texture and it’s up to you to use what you already have in your makeup collection that is similar.

I haven’t picked a name for this look, so if you have an idea please leave it in the comments! You can also ask me for any specific product name in the comments.


Step 1: Apply a light base on your eyelids. - You can use any eyeshadow primer that you normally use or a light colored cream eyeshadow in any form (pot or pencil).

Step 2: ALL OVER LID – The all-over lid color used is an orangey bronze color. The color I used is a velvety sheen, not a glitter but feel free to use whatever textures/finishes of eyeshadow that you prefer. USE AN EYESHADOW BRUSH TO COVER YOUR LID WITH THIS COLOR.

Step 3: FULL CREASE – The next color is a deep plummy (purple-ish) brown. If you have a deep purple color, that would be ideal. USE AN EYESHADOW BLENDING BRUSH TO SWEEP THIS COLOR IN YOUR CREASE. BLEND WELL AND BLEND INNER AND OUTER CORNERS OF EYE LID.

Step 4: HIGHLIGHT – Use a light white or cream colored shadow as your highlight color. USE YOUR BLENDING BRUSH TO APPLY YOUR HIGHLIGHT COLOR ACROSS  YOUR BROW BONE AND BLEND WELL.

Step 5: LINER – I used sliver eyeliner on my lower waterline & very carefully lined just below my lower lashes with the same orangey/bronze that I used on my lids. USE A SMALL SMUDGE BRUSH OR SHADOW BRUSH TO APPLY THE 1ST ORANGE COLOR BELOW YOUR LOWER LASH LINE.

Step 6: MASCARA – It’s your look’s finishing touch! Apply some mascara to both upper and lower lashes and you’re all done!

Hope you enjoyed! If you try out any of my tutorials I'd love to see a picture! 
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