Wednesday, October 27, 2010

@CharmedValerie Inspired 'Style Pile': A Fashionista's Meditation

First I must say 'Gracias!' to Charmed Valerie for calling me out to do this post. Making a style pile of things I feel are representative of me and my style was a blast! 
I was unsure at first, but I think my style pile really is representative of me and who I am.

SOOO...what's in MY style pile?

1. HEELS: These are one of my favorite pairs of shoes. How I got them is a long and ridiculous story involving a hurricane and other madness. They're sexy and chic, which I hope I am too! ;)

2. ZEBRA HAIR BOWS: These are one of my favorite hair accessories! I'm just a kid at heart I suppose and I've always loved wearing bows in my hair. 

3. MICKEY MOUSE: This big ol' thing has been with us since my son was about 18 months old. I don't know what possessed my hubby to buy it but at the time we got it, the toy was bigger than our son! They still sleep together & since I used munchkin's bed as my backdrop I left Mickey Mouse in peace. [side note - munchkin's room has the best natural light in the house]

4. SWEATER FROM BRASIL: LOVE this sweater! It's a boat-neck cut so I love to wear it 80's style to one side with a tank top underneath. The fact that it says RIO in sequins makes me feel ever so slightly glam when I wear it even though it's a sweater. LOL

5. FAUX LEATHER CROP JACKET FROM H&M: I just bought this jacket a few weeks ago and I can't get enough of it! :) It's faux-leather ad pretty 'bad-ass' looking if you ask me. I love the cut and it makes me feel put-together when I wear it. If you were at BlogWorld you definitely saw me rockin' it!

6. LBD (LITTLE BLACK DRESS) WITH LACE UPPER: Another AWESOME buy by yours truly. I like to think of myself as a $10 shopper...if it's $10 or under and relatively unique (or something classic) I buy it! This dress was $10 at a little random 'boutique' in our town. I actually saw it a week before buying it and the sales-lady told me it would be $10 the next week so I waited.

7. MAKEUP BRUSHES and NAIL POLISH: Need I say more? I am a makeup addict. If it's makeup, skin care or beauty related COUNT ME IN! Also, being a student, wife and working mama I rarely have the time to have my nails done professionally and AVON's nail polish is my favorite! It stays on at least 2 weeks and I mean with washing dishes, cleaning and all that good stuff!

8. MY VANS. These are a California wardrobe staple. Along with Chuck Taylors, Vans are my favorite sneaker. So comfy, simple and inexpensive. This red pair is my favorite because when I bought them the hubbs told me I was crazy and would never wear those bright red shoes. Boy was he wrong! I have worn this pair out and as you can see, I can't find the other one! Ooops...

9. BOOK and NERD GLASSES: I am a bookworm! I have always loved books. I guess being an only child, I read more than a lot of people I know. I would spend entire weekends in my room reading and have been known to stay up for days at a time upon getting my hands on the latest Harry Potter. The glasses...not mine & not prescription [haha] I just like them.

What would be 3 things in your style-pile?
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