Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sleeping my life away...

I enjoy my sleep, I really do. Before getting married, when I was living on my own I would frequently sleep entire Wednesdays away! [Mainly because I was working 2 jobs and going to college but I digress...]

On Saturday I woke up around 12:30pm (mmm...so lovely!) and the hubbs had been up since 8:30. So I stroll into the kitchen to make some coffee and hubbs comes in behind me and says: "Good afternoon..." to which I reply "Good morning dear!"

Then he continues................

Hubbs: "Ok so while you were sleeping it occurred to me that when you sleep until 12:30 and I was up at 8:30...I am living 4 more hours than you today!"

Me: "Ummm....what? I'm living while I'm asleep!"

Hubbs: "Yeah...but technically you're not really living."

[Oh how I adore his scientific hypotheses...NOT.]

Me: "Whatever I like to sleep...I enjoy it because it's 4 LESS hours I have to hear your crap."

[BTW I said the previous statement with the utmost love and kindness I promise.]

So he left the room and came back with a pad and pencil in hand:

Hubbs: "When you sleep 4 extra hours everyday for a week you'll loose 28 hours a week to sleeping! That's 1456 hours in a year! OMG that's 60 DAYS!"

Me: "See?! I'm actually helping our marriage! Just think..for every 6.1 years we're married I slept through 1. I'm liking those stats!"

Hubbs: "Maybe you're right...do you want to go back to sleep?"

aaand that was that.

The grin on his face looked like thought he 'won' somehow.
I don't agree but...whatever. I'll let him get an ego boost.

Who the heck came up with the whole "You can sleep when you're dead" quote. 
I say to thee...WHAT?!