Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Keeping it all together!

So, I had an essay due yesterday that I didn't know about until last Thursday!

...I churned out a 2 page paper in about 45 minutes


  • Constantly Check the syllabus! <--lesson learned

The good news is I'm a master procrastinator and there was no minimum length for the essay.

Getting a grade on this paper should be interesting. 'History and Criticism of Photography' is quite subjective and I would assume will be graded more on completion and attempt to actually analyze and provide my opinion.

I ended up with about 2 pages of solid info. I'm proud of myself because it's been so long since I wrote an essay! I'm remembering what I love about school. I like to feel like I've proven myself on paper, and since I generally feel like I can't fully get my point across I feel great!

In fact this week marks week 8 of 17 this semester. I'm pretty much halfway through my 1st semester and so far I feel good! I have 2 mid-terms next week, and Anthropology essay due in 2 weeks and pretty much from here on out it's 'get-down-to-business' time!

I have been handling my school work and parenting pretty well so far and I really enjoy my days at school! I felt slightly guilty at first being away all day, but I am working towards a glorious goal that will make me better over-all!

By the are the 2 images I wrote my essay on. 

What do they make YOU feel? Anything?