Wednesday, October 13, 2010

BlogWORLD Here I come! and thanks to #myFABsponsors

I will be bringing you a series of reviews in an unconventional way.
If you are going to BlogWorld, and even if you’re not I’m hoping you’ll enjoy this series of reviews! While at BlogWorld, I’ll be ‘testing’ and ‘reviewing’ the products live via Twitter & ‘OOTD’ videos/posts.

The reviews will be posted along with giveaways as part of my BlogWold recap once I return.

In the mean time here’s a bit of info on each of #myFABsponsors and feel free to check them out online as well! [FAB=fashion and beauty]

View myFABsponsors

These companies are already on Twitter, and hopefully soon Choconaut will also be!

Feel free to follow them:


During BlogWorld Expo, whenever I refer to one of these glorious companies, I will use the hashtag #myFABsponsors

Are you going to BlogWorld? Let me know in the comments & let's MEET! :)