Friday, November 26, 2010

Sorry #ABCnightline, not MY kid!

Last night watched an old ABC Nightline special (on Hulu) about sexy clothes and media being targeted at the ‘tween’ market. While I would agree that there are ‘child’ stars like Miley Cyrus and Taylor Momsen dressing completely inappropriately for their age, and that this is a terrible example for younger girls; I definitely have an issue with the way ABC presented it.

Firstly, the two girls being ‘interviewed’ for the segment were 12 years old and sitting on the bed in one of their rooms reading People, Glamour, and Seventeen magazines. Forgive me, but aren’t those a bit out of their age range and demographic? My mother didn’t even let me read Seventeen until I turned seventeen because she felt the subject matter wasn’t appropriate. Hello? It’s called parenting!

Second, one of the girls went shopping with her mother at Forever XXI and H&M. Once again, two stores whose target demographic is NOT tweens. They panned the cameras across the clothing in the store showing short skirts, dresses and corsets all while the narrator talks about how this sexually suggestive clothing is marketed to young 10-13 year old girls. [I think not.] And furthermore, when the girl tried on several pieces of clothing the mother said “no” each time proving to me that this is most likely not a shop this child frequents with her mother.

I don’t disagree with the idea that girls should stay girls for as long as possible. There’s no reason for girls to dress older than they are and there are stores geared towards tweens with age appropriate clothing: Justice, Gap Kids or The Gap, Old Navy, The Children’s Place (yes, up to 14!), and of course there’s the old standby department stores. Hmmm…oh yeah parents this is your job to monitor where your kids buy clothes!

My issue is this: “ABC, why sensationalize?” The problem here to me is the parents. Parents who don’t monitor what their children read, watch, or wear are at fault. I’m not saying parents should prohibit access to the world but if keeping your kid a kid is important to you then take the necessary precautions to keep their lives as wholesome and age-appropriate as possible. Oh man, it’s that parenting stuff again!

If ABC really wants a good show, go interview Taylor Momsen and Miley Cyrus’ parents and find out why they allow their daughters to dress the way they do. Then, perhaps find a few parents in the US with 14-15 year old daughters whom they allow to dress inappropriately and find out what’s going on in their ridiculous minds. If they need any help finding people, I grew up in Southern California; land of the mini-skirts…I know a few…I’ll call them.

We brought kids into this world to raise them not to just let them grow like weeds. Sorry Miley and Taylor, but you just couldn’t be MY kid. (not dressed like that anyway)!

Let’s stop pointing the finger of blame on the media and the marketers, and remember than when you do, there are 4 other fingers pointing right back at you!

You can watch the video HERE on Hulu

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